Mesa Trail

Flatirons and Sumac as seen on the Bluebelll/Baird branch of the Mesa Trail. Photo copyright Glenn Cushman.


Length: 6.1 miles (one-way)

Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation Gain: No real gain, but there are many climbs and descents along the way

Location: Extends from Chautauqua Park to Eldorado Springs

The Mesa Trail is the main artery along the foothills of Boulder. This trail runs north-south between Chautauqua Park and Eldorado Springs and is intersected by most of the mountain trails of the area. Although there is no real elevation change from its northern point to its southern point, there is plenty of elevation change along the way. The trail climbs and descends again and again along its entire length, so be ready for a good workout. This trail is well maintained and spends most of its time right at the base of the foothills in coniferous forest. All along the trail are beautiful views out over Boulder City and the eastern plains.

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