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File Type Graph
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File Types
  File Type Hits % Bytes % Errors
1 .gif
53,339    50.1%
40.3MB    12.6%
2 .jpg
41,811    39.3%
173.5MB    54.1%
3 .html
8,083    7.59%
93.1MB    29.0%
4 .css
2,793    2.62%
6.1MB    1.90%
310    <1%
3.2MB    <1%
6 .shtml
147    <1%
4.3MB    1.34%
7 .cgi
38    <1%
394.9kB    <1%
15,217    14.3%
45.8MB    14.3%
7 Totals
106,521    100%
320.8MB    100%
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Help Card: File Types
Report Overview This report shows the most requested types of files on your site. Use this information to see the preferred file type of visitors to your site, especially if they are given the option to view different file formats (such as PDF, HTML or text).

"[UNKNOWN]" entries are associated with hits to files without an extension, as well as hits to directories.

Graph Description Pie Chart: Server Errors
Each portion of the graph represents a different file type, corresponding to the key in the top-left corner. It has an associated percentage value for clarity and is graphed by hits. This graph cannot be customized.

Table Description File Type:
The extension (type) of the file being analyzed.

Hits (%):
Number of hits to files containing the corresponding file type. (Percentage as a proportion of hits to all files, regardless of their extension.)

Bytes (%):
Raw bytes transferred as a result of hits to files with corresponding extension. (Percentage as a proportion of bytes transferred for all files, regardless of their extension.)

Number of server errors generated as a result of hits to files with the corresponding extension.
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